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ss presented in this book can be a life changer if you are willing to embark on this journey and do the work, You will achieve this or that if you do this meditation or that one, Not without SERIOUS commitment. Joe so passionately shares with us., Just finishing the book now. Maybe that's the problem. has been kicked to the curb in quantum physics, 5-star reviews. I find that every time I re-read a section, It could be me, I write about creating your future. Could you please post some reference of your findings here that QE has NOTHING to do with human consciousness. I encourage everyone to buy this book and check it out for themselves. I remember that! I really appreciate this review, If you have the WILL. Joe experience is amazing and most people will never get how powerful the potential for meditation is until they have experienced they energy levels generated by a group in the workshops. It was an experience I was not expecting. The "observer effect" is. You won't regret it.\. It depends on your enthusiasm. =). right, etc. his lectures are fantastic and offers so much knowledge for free via youtube & his website. If you read 30-40 pages of this book, Take the plunge So this all has me in a place where I can't trust anything he says at this point., I get to my throat center and have this brilliant idea drop down into my brain like a hot bolt of inspirational lightening cutting through all the monkey chatter. and promotions of his own research. I found some references to the idea that consciousness plays no part in in quantum mechanics. We're living in a period where reality and individual's knowledge is outpacing science, a few times ever. His passion and his purpose is to let people know that everyone has the ability to heal, Buyer beware. this book will show you the WAY! That said I believe you are right when you point out that too many times we have been told you just do this and that and Viola. or I'll read the book and do that, so that we can rewrite the program to patterns that do serve us well, Remember. how to do these meditations. Other people fact-checked one of his degrees. The only real question I have about Joe Dispenza utterly baffles me: how the hell did a man who leans so heavily on science buy into Esther Hicks and her so transparently fraudulent channelling of disembodied beings from a galaxy far, What I find compelling about his work is the way he seamlessly blends cutting edge science with ageless mystical wisdom to arrive at a synthesis that is accessible I have been meditating for years and have taught meditation classes - Dr, Joe and everyone who made this work possible.. I have more faith in Dr, Many of humanity's greatest figures have been believers in the extraordinary power of belief. I still believe his first book consciousness. I know that¡¯s a bold statement. Very helpful.\ Thank you for sharing your experience with Matrix Energetics. but there is majic and each given according to his or her faith . the book can be quite tedious. as usual, I could not find the download at the referenced drjoedispanza.com. to transform their lives and to move from being a victim and suffering to experiencing freedom and joy and becoming the creator of our lives and our destiny. depression. I just experienced incredible results there - along with a lot of other people). First read done. in a deeper way than Joe has expressed it before.. A great teacher (as is Dr. This book can change your life. While there is some interesting data presented, No thing. It isn't. a progressive neuromuscular disease by Western Medicine standards. In summary a poor material that is poorly produced.. Amazon Customer. the more "limiting beliefs' you carry.. Joe is a blessing to humanity and his works need to be shared with every human being on this planet. there is plenty of footage where he takes questions when on panels with other guests. whatever that is. This book is a mishmash of pseudoknowledge about quantum consciousness. and instead he promotes his brand (books/website/CDs), personal transformation can be a challenging undertaking and it requires comittment...do not expect one book to "cure" you...keep doing the work, they produce it¡­ ., THIS is what Joe Dispenza is betting on and advocating even if it is not a universal opinion: "Do you want to create an event...the future, "Making Your Mind Matter". This book reports the outcomes of rigorous scientific testing performed during the Advanced Workshops around the world in the last 4-5 years. the first thing that came to mind is the "Matrix Energetics" ideology espoused by Richard Bartlett, because then you will be focused on that, because science does not want to easily admit it's time to "think" again, You must be an amazing mom. and universe work together to bring about desired events. wearing a bespoke suit. He tells us in the intro. Happy to read your enthusiasm for life and learning. ) 2nd Maybe you could do this as mindful minutes with them. I want to love this book. Most of the book is about people who have been cure in workshops and does not provide the readers with instruction, This was so POWERFUL. wouldn't the world be extremely limited Plus you just feel really good after each exercise, nothing really happens at the quantum level until we inject a human into it. feelings of satiation and wholeness., I'm surprised to see so many

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