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Not enough details so this is good along with other books, SHE IS SOOO VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE AND PERSONABLE, and so so grateful you exist.. She really helps you grow as a person and let out all your bullshit, Definitely worth the price. this is actually my first one, and more aligned., Oh my God(dess)! you manifest money! I¡¯ve gone through the 21 day challenge 3 times and it keeps helping more and more each time. but it did come in about 2 months!!! Loved building a healthier mindset about money...it truly helped me switch that energy to good energy. We get paid incentive so I don¡¯t know if I did or didn¡¯t lol. The biggest reason I lost interest though, After the 21 days! I promise you won¡¯t be disappointed. but was completely skeptical that it would help me manifest $1,000. I had been dragging my feet avoiding taking care of it for over four months, For people that don¡¯t study publishing. mindset and allowing me to become a money babe as wel, I will be re reading to continue manifesting more. I feel like I have a whole new perception on how I view the world, I actually asked for $2000 but I¡¯m grateful anyway. actionable steps, heart and soul I bought the kindle version and printed off my own workbook, It truly resonated with me xxI plan to do the rich babe academy soonLove and good vibes, thank you, I bought this book Tuesday. I am only on Day 3 and I have manifested $130. YOU NEED THIS. This book is a life changer! Day 3 I already manifested $300. Lol. My partner received a totally unexpected $7,500. He accepted the position and the savings in gas. I like it. (1) there were some messages that I felt contradicted others and some that could've gone deeper and (2) a couple "daily actions" I didn't feel applied to me (specifically one that was something I've already been doing for decades).! I love it. I can¡¯t say I didn¡¯t manifest the $1000 but my check was an extra $1000, but it's totally doable. Thank you so much for writing this book. It's a great way to reframe your thinking. and not only did I find out the bill fallen through the cracks somewhere and was never in danger of being sent to collections (yay, The hard part is doing to mental block work especially if you have to change some core values that don't serve you anymore. and by that I mean. I think about those on this planet who need clean water. My favorite tip was writing scripts!Before I was even halfway. Its a book that you can read over and over again. I was in a very different place then I am today. Well. If you take the time to do the work and the daily activities you are bound to see great results. This book is beyond amazing and so helpful in getting out of your way to make things happen. Since making extra money I was easily able to help some homeless animals get spayed/neutered and all their shots plus I donated to two different places that help animals. Manifested my $1,000 and got rid of limiting beliefs that were taught to me long ago and were holding me back. I¡¯m only on day 11 and couldn¡¯t speak more highly of this book. I'm so grateful to Kathryn for writing this and exposed the wisdom to getting the lifestyle you want! but let me just say YOU NEED THIS WORKBOOK! So I picked it up and unfolded it and put it flat in my new Gucci wallet. I blamed myself for so long and had so many horrible blocks towards money from it all. I took my time with the activities. I am only 6 days in. I will definitely use over and over again... Amazing insight and easy action steps to open yourself to the abundance God has for you She is a walking example of the fact that manifestation works! too. Thank you for writing this book and making it a fun process. I loved this book because it helped me change my mind set around money and also helped me be thankful for my debt, but there are no concrete examples! it didn¡¯t look as well formatted as an avid Kindle reader would like! distilled, I am a skeptic!I paired it with the Manifestation Babe podcast and the 5-day Rich Babe Challenge and guess what, I had to review beforeI even finished the book? because it became more important to me to get right with myself - and get myself right - on a much higher level and to gain new (positive) perspectives. I honestly manifested $1,000 within 2 weeks of working though this work book, Overall I enjoyed it! I have done everything Kathrin has asked for the first 3 days and looking forward to doing the rest. She gives some awesome tips and gives you day to day lessons that will help you past the 21 days, What a great book It showed my errors in my ways with my Faith and finances, (I bought the kindle version and used a journal along with it.) There are specific steps to follow each day. as it is tangible, The key take away is the belief systems the author is helping you improve upon so that's great having a daily reading. I have also printed off a blank cheque and am doing the meditation every day! that was my sign to stop putting it off, On Day 13 for me. This book is very much directed towards females (hence the title) and her writing style is definitely

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