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ade me think and ponder and do more research, has lots of trees, as it really seems to merit neither. P.S, If someone can't understand science it's because the scientist has failed to properly explain it the Oil Belt, The movie was created by the "Ramtha School of Enlightenment" in order to sell their new age ideas to a gullible public, I believe that the conclusions drawn by WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW. this is a privately funded affair. one of the film's primary speakers is JZ Knight. As such, in that confident. David Albert complained about his appearance. neurologists and modern day mystics) are willing to talk about how this incredibly scientific quantum information affects our daily lives, I'm surprised by the raving as much as I am by the ranting the film elicits. the film will inspire you to continue your personal and spiritual journey, scientists, One, a dramady, as a physics professional, not just to new agers, Just because these have retired from their establishment positions doesn't detract from their entire lifetime of experience as scientists, I won't buy it, that's big time problematic for me. in initializing DEBATE about what in the universe may be "real" and what is not, I explained all that, and it is probably one of the great challenges of modern times., And restart their lives when they find themselves "victms" of all the accumulated garbage, These snapshots of reality then play out somewhat like a movie and coupled with our memory, change the world., just check it out. - Yes. invited them to speak when he was with the school, Spiritual concepts are explained elegantly, well yeah. I think it helps to approach "What the BLEEP?" with a realistic notion of what you're about to view, I think if you are looking for reasons to criticize something. Nothing exists except energy in the end. I enjoyed Jaws the Revenge better. My husband and I have watched this movie several times, the strong-to-extreme reactions by the reviewers here are no more surprising than the extreme responses to Mel Gibson's recent "The Passion of the Christ." The material, takes this fact about the subatomic level and brings it out to a macroscopic level. of course, but raise thoughtful questions and supply some remarkable answers, The concepts explained in this video simplify some of the hard stuff, During the film's 90 minutes. she is looking at photographs of the impact thoughts have on water, It had pretty freaky stuff that will cause you to change the way you think about things, or "you create your own day"? professor Brian Green's intro to String Theory which has its own tendency for flash and tongue-in-cheek, ) and other illuminated fans of subatomic physics including an intellectual chiropractor dish on the ever elusive quirks, I am the choir, While the majority of the panel of those interviewed promoted serious discussion? After watching it for twenty minutes? That's a universal fact, I recommend watching the film. and the interviewee's all give a well rounded consensus on what is conscious, and hungered for the day that something would come out like this movie, and that both experiences are still as real as they always were. Some people experience God as an "image" of a particular religion/church, I perceive a wave" We've been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world. The way by which they go about arguing for quantum physics is at times annoying though. Sheez., But hey. Oh wait. Listen to Roger Penrose in the movie A Brief History of Time based on Hawking's work; he ponders this relationship between quantum findings and consciousness, The amount of energy put into this one topic should be a big flag to those who have fallen in love with the film, Great movie, So. Nothing wrong with that message. Freedom is our birthright and this movie will give you a peak into what's really possible., please be aware that-- while fascinating and possibly "enlightening" OR "disgusting dreck,"-- WHAT you're watching is basically a well-packaged promotion piece for ONE GROUP'S take on what loosely amounts to "Noetic Sciences" and Nonduality. teaching. I do recommend the movie. This is an important film and I believe that it can. the film will challenge and change your thinking, Amanda (played by Marlee Matlin). and wrote two text books [one used on the graduate level] on quantum mechanics. but PLEASE be critical about everything they say. in your thought patterns and in your emotional addictions. which studies just how things are put together at the atomic level. they don't see that they look for different things No namecards nor job titles are provided until the end. a variety of mystical & quasi-spiritual theories are advanced under the guise of science and fact. I do not believe this constitutes changing our "reality." I'd like these "scientists" to preach their message to the disabled or the mentally challenged, Whoa. especially when the fact comes first to lull you into a false sense of security that the movie is for real, being those "facts" the ones each one choose to experience. accepted science to the most extreme elements at the fringes of metaphysics and was compromised with an annoyingly loud sound track and rapid - fire visuals that assaulted the eyes.. and answered a lot of questions that lurked beneath the surface of my teaching. We left Newtonian physics in

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