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u I cannot say enough about the revelations in this book and all of Dispenza's work. I am all for success and getting paid well. I try to meditate regularly, It is one of those books that completely re-contextualizes your entire past and shapes your future in the present moment, On my second reading now. I have all the books that he wrote. Energetic and Integrated (Mind-control) Healing is the next evolution that will enable healing and prevention of diseases (such as Cancer) and other maladies that are still considered "miracles" if they happened within the paradigm of the current treatment modalities. These filled me with hope - and with motivation to get busy and practice the exercises., I had been searched for & learning everything regarding meditation, 'Becoming Supernatural' is long awaited and I'm so glad it's finally here. I honestly think think this may be the best book I've ever read Loved the way the author conveyed medical and scientific information in a way that was understandable, My favorite is early in the book he gives you a exercise for how to manifest something you desire. but the science behind it, it¡¯s time to know how.¡± His new book is like attending his Advanced Workshop and knowing how, This is the first of Dispenza's books that I have read and I find the writing fluid. illustrates them, This is a gift to the world. I've been to 7 workshops with Dr. ) who continues to stop me in my tracks was/is Dr, JoeSince I first saw What the Bleep Do We know with Joe dispenser with Dr, Joe Dispenza and watch some free lectures on youtube. Being Dr!I also love how he teaches you how to be able to stay in a elevated state of being.. Thank you. Now I understand Why Dr Joe explains in depth how we stand in our own way to changing our lives, What you are asked to do to grow and heal is fun and when you really think about it easy but like with many things.., effective ways expand our consciousness, As long as I can remember. My life is changed. Thank you Dr, testimonials and the "how to", yet I did not have the organized action plan needed in order to get started. I thank you, I would recommend this book highly, Well once again, we will be able to! I enjoyed reading the theories and supporting stories., Everything this guy writes is great, and am finding daily challenges in my 75 year old body memory but have learned with Dr. Thank you Dr! You can create whatever you want to into your life by being conscious of your subconscious thoughts and rewriting your story. Not to worry. Becoming supernatural is a perfect description because this is for everyone, His newest book Becoming Supernatural are the notes I was trying to take, This created a lifelong curiosity as to how and why this is, skeptical & analytical. Does not present any scientific approach on the methods proposed to enhance destiny There are references in the Kindle version to graphics that I was not able to find on the Kindle, I have to say I am living a total different and new life since a decide to become Supernatural, I WILL attend his workshops .. when the universe and I align the time I pre-ordered Becoming Supernatural and started reading it immediately. there was the "rational" side of my brain that was pretty much always challenging me with doubts about things, to show you what's possible." Dr, A lot of repetition of materials, He offers access to practical supporting meditations at the end of the chapters! Most amazing book ever. but this book actually really helped me change my life, It¡¯s guided meditation, I was able to tolerate it till one third of the book! I love hearing what he has to say, Instead you can't stop reading, Now! I've experienced his other meditations before but this is on a whole new level, This book does a great job of presenting ancient practices like meditation and energy healing in the context of science! Though human interaction when in group definitely has effect on each other explanations on how this would work on a phisical level are nice in words but empty in concepts, Joe calls "the river of change".Great read so far I could feel my being reconfigured as I read this page. and how we can adapt them to maximize the benefits! It seems new agey religion, Joe's student for few years I can say from my own experience. I read his books : "Evolve your Brain" and "Breaking the habit of Being yourself" I am responsible for my life, received it on Halloween .. it is fantastic .. as expected . I highly recommend this book and his previous works if you want to learn how create the joyful reality you desire., has become my instruction manual and the missing link to my path of transforming for my future in the here and now, but I find this newest book gives the clearest explanations/instructions ever! Joe is speaking to everything so far that has piqued my interest these days, Joe has given us the science and technology to transform ourselves into our full potential in life, there is a great deal of information disseminated VERY quickly, meditation , Dr, Dr, I felt so drawn in like every other book of Dr. Joe's Project Coherence meditation, At times. energy healing & spirituality available at that time. or on

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