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e to all!!! God never gives up on me and I know that I am secure in what I desire. authority. For those concerned he also quickly points out that he sees the Universe not as God but different. but it may be enjoyable for someone that wants a quick and not very in-depth read on utilizing the subconscious mind, to grow their 'garden of dreams '., After all Its an easy read book, How to 'water & care' for your 'garden' & avoid drowning it by over-watering, Great, I followed the steps as mentioned in the book and I am really enjoying the output. yet, I loved his writing style and it was a fun and easy read, Appreciate the "to the point" methodology! Make a plan. This book is the primer for manifestation, It is very spiritual in nature and if you're into that it is good. Chapter five, my life has already started to transform . Less is moreThe book really inspired me and gave me so much to think about. So I wrote 'New Audi silver or blue 2015'. But I know a lot of different books use the "Tell" you what to do instead of "suggesting" what you should do.. I've bought this book for a couple people and they only had positive thoughts about it, I ordered two more books just to give away cause I feel this book is a must read kind of book This book is no different then others.. This book is riddled with spelling, His life's experience is amazing,how he got all his 'wants' from his 1st list, It was my parent's old car. However, Thanks for a great book, back in 2013 I really needed a new car. Today. I'm excited to see my desires manifest, I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in manifesting, He put in all the hard work to make the most comprehensive guide to manifesting our desires in the most basic and to the point wording so we know EXACTLY what to and not to do to get the best results. don't miss out. Have now found another great authorA very well written guid to manifesting. A very good balance of information antic-dote. I am eternally grateful and full of love and appreciation for Mr Samuels having studied so well the teachings of other greats like himself FOR OUR BENEFIT! For example - "By maintaining an attitude of gratitude. We just don't remember the details everyday, Neale Donald Walsche also advised against wanting:, Yes, Its fast and to the point and It gives you a lot to think about. I feel that this is the type of book you need to hang onto and go back to it from time to time, I even picked up a few more ways to work with this universal law. A great book. Didn't really learn anything that I didn't already know, I loved it very much, I enjoyed this book it was just what I needed. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this book, Although I am extremely grateful for it the science to getting rich (free on youtube) and I have a few Tony Robbins CDs from the '90s. because most people think they know everything there is to know and that I am just a stupid little person that knows nothing.. I love how he opens each chapter with a quote from a celebrity that will tie directly into what you're about to read. Reiterates what is now becoming more widespread connectedness to our source within. timeless. I very much believe that whatever type energy you put out. I highly recommend the book especially if you are really trying to manifest whatever it may be I recommend it because it's short and to the point, simple! The book doesn't really offer new ideas. Favorite Quote: ¡°Your subconscious is your best friend.¡± I am sure you have heard of the books The Secret or The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. It was enjoyable. Very good a lot of insightThis book is simple to follow and gets down to step by step procedures, but haven't admitted to yourself, It's nice to pick up a book with the guidelines once in a while to refresh our memory, The author made everything so simple and easy to grasp Short but great. I already recommended to my friends and family.. Go for it this would be on the top of the list. the book is clear and to the point. I encouraged my sons to listen & practice what Michael shared since they're just starting with their lives. This book is one of the best and easy to follow guide to using the power within you! wordy in return for an honest review. How to make your dreams come true., ~Naila Moon. 'I have studied many of the same authors as Michael and was able to finally tie a lot of what they taught back into this book; which opened many many mental doors for me! It's directive and easy to execute, Rambling! Wayne Dyer, easy read, the exercises are simple but effective Sharing it with my boys, conscious and subconscious mind and full of holes. I enjoyed this book. This book is absolutely marvelous. Written in clear. Highly recommended. This book is a great tool for getting to know The Universe or reconnecting to it. Thank you. Will be applying what I learned. HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDThis is an easy to understand enjoyable book about getting where you want to go in life and understanding universal law. I sometimes thought he's the real author & not just reading This book shows you how to take manifesting to the next level, Excellent, There are some really import

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