Worship @First



We meet for worship each Sunday at 10.00am.


Worship @First is an opportunity for the people of God to gather together and express the joy and praise that builds within us throughout the week. The style of our worship could be best described as balanced. Our worship is inclusive of people of all ages and talents, includes traditional and contemporary music and instruments. Our worship comes in many expressions:

  • Drama and dramatic reading
  • Video and visual expression
  • Music
  • Prayer
  • Preaching
  • Fellowship





Praise Teams


Praise Teams @First are made up of many musicians representing a variety of instruments. Right now, our teams are in constant circulation allowing many musicians to work with other people as the weeks change. We use an online program called Planning Center Online to help with our scheduling and service content. Contact Pastor Josh for more information about being involved!

We have many opportunities to serve, so please email Pastor Josh to begin your involvement in the worship services @First






First Church Chancel Choir  


Click here for the Choir page.







Reformed Worship Resources


As part of the Reformed denomination, we have access to many materials that help us to collaborate with the church around the world. @First we use two hymnals as part of our service: the grey Psalter Hymnal (1987) and the red Lift Up Your Hearts hymnal (2013). These two hymnals as well as popular songs from contemporary Christian artists and composers make up the repertoire of First CRC.




Below are links to explore some of the sources we use in planning our services:



Reformed Worship Magazine Online- This is the publication from the Reformed denomination which includes much information for service planning.






The grey Psalter Hymnal can be found at as can the new red hymnal Lift Up Your Hearts.






At the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship, one can find resources for planning almost any element of a worship service. To understand Worship @First in greater detail, explore this website.




At the Center for Excellence in Preaching you can read sermons from pastors within the Reformed denomination as well as listen to audio sermons and discover resources about commentaries for sermon preparation and Bible studies.



Planning Center Online is also mentioned above, but it an excellent resource for organizing praise teams and worship services.




SongSelect is another source of sheet music for the musicians @First.





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