Who we are: 




We are the First Christian Reformed Church of Red Deer, Alberta.  Our church community is part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The Christian Reformed Church is a Protestant Christian church with its roots in the 16th century Reformation.

The Christian Reformed denomination was established in North America in 1857 and now numbers over 900 congregations with active missions in over 25 countries. 

We use the word Christian because we have been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ and seek to obey Him in all areas of our lives.

We use the word Reformed because we continually reshape our teachings and our lifestyle according to the Bible, as it was rediscovered in the Reformation.

We use the word Church because we have been brought together by God's Spirit, committing ourselves to mutual support and to shared service of the community where Christ has placed us.



Our History:


The First Christian Reformed Church of Red Deer, Alberta had its roots beginning in 1948 when Dutch immigrants Ties and Mary Westera came to  Red Deer. Many more families followed. They met in homes until space became an issue and then began to meet in the Orange Hall. On December 21, 1951, Red Deer Christian Reformed Church was born with 22 families or 106 persons! 

The church continued to grow and on March 28, 1952 a proposal to build a church on three lots (for $300 each) at the corner of 41 Ave and 50A St. was accepted unanimously. The building was completed later in the year. Growth again dictated a move and in April, 1964 it was decided to sell the church property on Michener Hill and in July, 1964 two acres were purchased (for $18,000) in the new suddivision of Morrisroe. On July 25, 1965 the sod turning ceremony took place and eventually the new church was dedicated on Friday, May 13, 1966.





Those Who Have Served as Pastor:


Rev. G. Van Laar - 1951 - 1953

Rev. Dr. R. Kooistra - 1955 - 1960

Rev. J. Van Weelden - 1960 - 1966

Rev. P. Kranenburg - 1966 - 1970

Rev N. Knoppers - 1971 - 1983

Rev. W. Vander Beek - 1983 - 1990

Rev. S. Schalk - 1984 - 1988

Rev. D. Heinen - 1991 - 1995

Rev. W. Nieuwenhuis - 1991 - 1997 as Education/Youth Director and 1998 - 2002 as co-pastor

Rev. J. Pot - 1997 - 2003;

Rev. G. Bomhof - 2006 - Present

Josh Friend 2013- Present (Associate Pastor)




Our Vision, Purpose and Core Values


Vision - It is the vision of First Christian Reformed Church of Red Deer to nourish and equip its membership to serve God and community. It is vital to the spiritual growth of our church to expand and empower the music, youth and small group ministries. Our facilities will reflect our commitment to this ministry growth. We will actively promote and pursue the stewardship of God given gifts of our time, talents, and treasures - in service to His church and kingdom.


Purpose -  Celebrate Jesus, Communicate God's love, Care for all people, Commit to service.


Core Values - The Bible is the foundation of our ministry. Youth are the church of today and the leaders of tomorrow. God loves a cheerful giver of time, talents and treasures. Spiritual growth and pastoral care flourishes in small groups.Volunteers are vital to an effective ministry. God loves all people and so should we. Prayer changes things. Biblical worship brings glory to God and inspires people.